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- Tailoring Linen to your requirements is our Speciality.

At Speciality Linens we have one of the widest selections of rental ranges, Sizes & Colours to choose from of any linen hire company across the globe. We do however acknowledge that due to the unique nature of every event, we may not always have the exact product you require.

We recognised a long time ago, that in order to produce the best fabrics within the laundry industry, one needs to utilize the experience of the worlds leading fabric producers. As such, instead of joining the rush to 'buy' into China by some of our competitors earlier in the decade which provided them with low initial costs and even lower quality controls.

Our specialist team of buyers began to source raw fabric from the laundry industrys leading fabric producers ensuring we recieved only the most technologically advanced base fabrics.

We then moved our production in house taking over the process of Dying, printing and manufacturing our products giving us absolute control over our quality standards and allowing us to produce fully customsed products within just a few hours where necessary.

So whether it be velvet party bags for your going home presents, printed seatbacks and napkins for a corporate event or, completely bespoke designs, our experienced team of tailors and seamstresses has got it covered.

As an example of some of the unique work we have done, i have extracted part of an article written by the Daily Mail reporter Angela Epstein just a few years ago.

“Not all of their high spending clients equate opulence with extravagance. One Middle-Eastern businessman wanted purple silk for his daughter’s £250,000 wedding at the Grosvenor house hotel in London. The exact shade of fabric was sourced in India and then made to order for this choosy customer”.

This customer was one of Brunei’s leading figures and he subsequently had all the linen ( including scrap fabric ) incinerated after the event to prevent its reuse.

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